Checklist (Summer Overnight Camp)

Spending Money

You might want extra spending money for snacks, drinks. If you bring extra spending money, please bring small bills, as the Catlett Front Desk will not make change. There is an ATM machine located in Catlett Hall on the bottom floor by the JAVA house.


A pillow, and sheets are provided when staying as a resident in the residence halls, and the rooms are air conditioned. If you have trouble staying cool or warm, you might want to bring a small fan or a light blanket.

Cell Phones

All pay phones have been removed from the CRWC, Field House and residence halls. You’re welcome to bring a cellphone; however, we are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property. If you need to make an emergency phone call, contact your counselor or coach and they will assist you.


Three meals a day are included in your resident fee. You may purchase snacks at the convenience shop, vending machines, or bring snacks from home to keep in your room. There are no refrigerators in the residence hall rooms. The convenience store does sell snacks and drinks, however they are only open at night.


There is a laundry facility in Catlett Hall for your use, and you will need to purchase a laundry card from the Catlett Hall front desk. The charge for laundry is $1.50 each for washing and $1.00 for each dryer, and you must purchase a card from the front desk. Laundry cards come in $5 and $10 increments, and the front desk does not make change. The convenience store does sell laundry soap, however they are only open at night, so you might want to consider bringing your own laundry soap with you.


You need to bring a towel, wash cloth and all toiletries necessary in your daily routine. Bring a cover up and shoes to wear to and from the showers.  Men's and women's showers are private.


When your camp allows you free time, bring casual clothes and your swim suit. Swimming is allowed during designated times with a lifeguard on duty. We will also have organized activities for you to join, such as movie night, dodge ball, cards, and other activities as requested.

Alarm Clock

Breakfast is served at the same time every day before your first session. A counselor will knock on your door to see if you are awake, however if for some reason you want to get up a little earlier, you might want to bring an alarm clock.


  • Suits
  • Towels
  • Chamois
  • Tennis Shoes For Dry Land
  • Water Bottle